13 Practical Bath Towel Sizes For Bathroom Decor

Bath towel sizes should be practical for its function as well as the style. When you add the bath towel, it should support your bathroom decor. You can hang it on the towel rack. The towel that is denser and a little bit heavy, usually, it is more durable and it has a good quality […]

14 Smart Toilet Drain Plug Designs That Stop The Overflows Instantly

Toilet drain plug is useful because the products have flexible designs. You can use it to plug toilets, drains, and even pipes. It works to stop the overflows especially when there are plumbing issues like blocked plumbing. Besides, this plug works to deal with flooding. The designs are durable and the products are easy to […]

Best Toilet Seat Hinges With Quick Release Design

Toilet seat hinges need to replace before it is rusted. The choices are quite many that you should at least know the best option to buy. Some options make you able to install the hinges quickly. Other than that, you have to make sure that the hinges have quick release design so you can repair […]

Fanciful Toilet Brush Holder Designs For Bathroom Accent

Toilet brush holder makes your bathroom looks fancy. These useful things are available in many options. You can choose freestanding or wall-mounted brush holders to complete your bathroom. Both of the choices offer a beautiful design. Toilet brush holder is also available in form of different materials. You can choose stainless steel, plastic, wood, or […]

Mid Century Modern Bathroom Vanity Designs For A Stylish Look

Mid century modern bathroom vanity comes in two options, freestanding and built-in. You should purchase a freestanding option since it works best for limited spaces. It also comes in many styles. Meanwhile, built-in is greater for larger spaces to offer more storage and countertop space. It is also possible to consider whether you are going […]

Appealing Wooden Toilet Seats To Choose For Bathroom Makeover

The best wooden toilet seats mean that you do not notice its presence. On the other hands, it is better not to purchase complicated toilet seats that waste your time, especially when you install it. We agree that the best toilet seats are simple and easy to install with the convenient design. There are many […]

15 Beautiful Oval Bathroom Mirrors And Ways To Decor

Oval bathroom mirrors give a more modern look to your space. Mirrors are the best way to illuminate space in your bathroom. In addition, oval mirrors look perfect, framed or frameless. You can place it on the wall, right above the vanity. After that, it looks more inviting than ever when you add some decorative […]

Comfortable Bathroom Bench Designs To Keep Things Well Organized

Bathroom bench completes your bathroom. No matter what, you have a small bathroom, adding a bench is great because you can use it to bath in comfort. In addition, the design is available in many options. You can place triangle bench for bathroom corner. Most of them are from durable wood. Some designers designed the […]

15 Toilet Seat Bolts To Replace Rusted Bolt Sets

Toilet seat bolts should help you install the seat easily and quickly. When you want to buy the bolts, make sure that the design has met the American standard. There are many choices available. For example, you can buy the bolts in various colors to match it with your toilet seat. It is good to […]

15 Toilet Lid Designs And Decor Inspirations To Check Out

Toilet lid designs are not alike. Some of them are good and the rest are bad. The bad options are commonly inexpensive. Besides, these bad choices are from the flimsy materials. You would never feel comfortable when you use these choices. In addition, choosing the wrong options are not durable. Buying the cheap options are […]